A Passion for Passion






With Lara Buffard and Maya Goldstein, 2016.

In the search for the next Jesus Christ - The biggest icon ever lived, died and yet to be resurrected.

Each night, 3 different volunteers will compete to become our next saviour.

The contestants will perform a multitude of tasks to prove they can take on the role of Jesus and perform the mother of all acts – the Via Dolorosa.

Our show is inspired by 90's game-shows, it is surprising due to various volunteers and audience-engagement, hence, every night is slightly different. In Coventry, the audience called it shockingly offensive and hysterically funny.

In Edinburgh audience-members came in 3 different nights to experience how the show changes.

Performed In Coventry at Belgrade theatre as part of Pilot Nights, and at Greenside Theatre as part of the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Pictures taken by: Rachel Bunce

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All drawings are by Gur Arie Piepskovitz

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