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I write plays, I teach, I perform, and I like etymology (not particularly in this order).


In my work, I highlight the tension between reality and fantasy and delve into the darker aspects of humanity with playfulness and irony.


I tend to connect historical figures and events with current affairs, thus, showing a link between the past and the present.


My works have been presented in venues such as Greenside at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, Camden People’s Theatre, Chisenhale Dance Space, Nunnery Gallery, and Toynbee Studios (London).


As a performer/actor I participated in shows at the Tate Modern and The Yard Theatre, London.



2014-2016 Goldsmiths University of London, theatre  and performance department, London

Masters with Distinction


2006-2009 Yoram Lowenstein acting studio, Tel Aviv




Photo credit:  Alexandros Katsis.

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