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The Demons of Jerusalem 

By Gur Arie Pipepskovitz

The Demons of Jerusalem is a psychological drama that shifts between three different periods in Jerusalem, at the spot where Jacob Israel De Haan (1881-1924) was murdered. The play was rewritten based on audience feedback after a successful run at the Glory with dramaturgy and directed by Avihud Tidhar (London, 2021).


Throughout the play, the audience will visit different stations in De Haan's life where he struggles to make peace with his beliefs, sexuality, and surroundings. Alongside De Haan, two other stories will unfold: a meeting between an English activist and an Israeli ex-soldier on the backdrop of the second intifada (2002) and at the beginning of hook-ups within the internet culture, and a therapy session between a client obsessed with his therapist; these characters will struggle with the same issues De-Haan did questioning their multiple identities in their respective worlds.

From right to left: Avihud Tidhar, David Djamal, Mazen B. Srari.            

Picture taken by: Gil Reshef. 

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