Don't F**k With My Unicorn!


With Nicola Weston, Ragini Singh, 2015.

Other performers: Maya Goldstein, Natalie Wong, Mafalda Miranda Jacinto, Anthi Kougia and Konstantinos Foukis.


Don’t F**k with my Unicorn! is a vaudevillian apocalyptic cabaret inspired by all those secret fantasies regrading pop-culture we have. The Unicorn is everywhere; high and low art, the traditional and the alternative, dominant cultures and sub-cultures all under the umbrella of the 'Desired Icon'.

So, Hold your guilt and don those horns it’s time to celebrate the fantasy!

It was created together with Nicola Weston and Ragini Singh. The rehearsal process was that each one of us had to bring songs, acts or personas we admire. In a raffle, we chose the other’s 'fantasies' and gave our own interpretation.

No matter what is the quality of the material or of the performance, we will do everything to embody our fantasies.


This piece was presented at Camden People’s theatre as part of 2016 Sprint festival, Tim Bano wrote his review for the stage about the piece:


"What’s the difference between someone injecting their arse with silicone and a performance by Marina Abramovitc? Don’t F**k with my Unicorn! is a bewildering celebration of those quirks – like a unicorn’s horn- that makes us unique, and a skewering contemporary culture at every level” ,2016.

This format is highly suitable for working with groups and different communities.


Performed at Camden’s People’s Theatre, Goldsmiths University of London, London.

Pictures taken by: Christiano Luliano & Ludo des cognets

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