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Baby Blue                                                            (My Journey Into Becoming a Mother to an Alien Baby)






























15 minutes


The name says it all. After being abducted by aliens and impregnated by one (or many?!? I’m not sure!) I had to embrace motherhood. What a journey it is, together with Baby Blue I am learning that having a successful career is good but loving your baby is better. My TedTalk credo will focus on tips on how to prepare your baby for the real world, why Baby Blue is brainless? and what kind of nurseries are highly recommended. 


Baby Blue is a Cabaret piece in response to the wave of babies around me within the hetero and queer community. What is more important family or making art? Is having a baby will be the peak of my career? 

It is about the power of unconditional love and finding one’s destiny in the form of a baby. 

Performed at Communitism, Athens, Greece, The Others Gallery and Pheonyx Arts Club, London.


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