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Confessional on The Dance Floor (Madona's True Vessels)




Durational- participatory piece with Lara Buffard (2019)

Do you know those kinds of dreams you have when you are lost in a warehouse or any other massive area you don’t have any control over? And you are washed by a sea of people, encountered by familiar and not-so-familiar, or used-to-be familiar faces. No one really hears you and you are bouncing between people like Alice at the Mad Hatter’s table.


Until suddenly one pair of eyes truly looks at you and hears what you need to say. Your story. You finally vent out something that was hoarding inside, waiting to burst.  


Confessional  will provide that exact experience.

As you enter a public space, surrounded by strangers, you are met by our roaming confessional booth; a glittery umbrella to which we welcome you with open arms. From now onwards, this is YOUR little kingdom where you can be yourself. 

The participants will confess in response to a series of questions regarding one’s intimate life and darkest desires which they will pick from fashion magazines.

We have written our own set of questions and taped them next to images in magazines which adds a visual element to this personal moment.


Once the questions are discussed and the secret is revealed, the participant has to think about their secret while we are taking a photo of them and uploading it to our Instagram page (only with consent! To look at pictures from our last session click here).


By depicting this moment, we are freezing time, encapsulating a private moment to liberate and appease one with their secrets.

The end of the ritual is sealed with a local beverage, purchased in one of the area’s breweries, to drink in memory of anger, love and sadness.

Performed as part of Puppy art Rave at the Yard, London and at Manchester Z-Arts Cafe.

Screenshot 2020-08-17 at 15.22.34.png

Pictures were taken by Lara Buffard and video was edited by Gur Arie Piepskovitz 

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