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The show premiered with an excerpt at the 2018 Pulse Festival and the complete piece had it's first run at Landor Space in July that year. A second version was taking place at Camden People's Theatre in January, 2019.


By Gur Arie Pipeskovitz.

With: Gur Arie Piepskovitz, Avihud Tidhar, Maya Goldstein, Bernard O'Sullivan, Damilola Adeyeye. 

Dramaturgy: Avihud Tidhar

Original music: Maya Felixbrodt

Tree costume: Lara Buffard


80 minutes


Re-Visions is a satirical, meta-theatrical play which investigates the power of role-playing in achieving the unrequited and how one alters reality only by perceiving it differently. The piece brings into the ring five different personas, each with its own monstrous ego, who will attempt to mimic reality, enhance it, or sometimes override it completely. And what better setting for this fistfight of conflicting desires than the ultimate enemy of reality- a theatre stage.  Through fast-paced dialogues, exaggerated characters and banter, the play observes social issues in a provoking manner.


The goal is clear:  The Director decides to recreate the party his Jewish grandparents – uncertain about their future – threw the night before WW2. A noble effort which Is then derailed as his crew has a different idea of how to get this party started. This unruly troupe includes The Assistant Director who insists on being the director’s love interest. The Actress, a thirty-five-year-old, love-seeking, struggling soul. The Actor, a young and fresh stud trying to find meaning in all of this, and a mature English thespian, The Ageing Actor, who will fight to stay in the spotlight until he finds true enlightenment.


The ensemble will face the bitter truth about reality, and about the magic of theatre… there is none!


Video and script of the play on request.


Link for more pictures from the Landor run: Pictures Re-Visions by Orlando Myxx 

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Artist's Feedback: 


A tangled web of perversity, history and the authentic! 

Simon Vincenzi is an Arts Admin artistic resident, theatre director, choreographer and designer


Funny, original, ridiculous, exhilarating and clever. I look forward to seeing what he does next. He's a brave and inventive theatre-maker.

Hanna Berrigan is a Theatre director.


Re-Visions was curiously unexpected and intriguing

Jessica Ziskind is a Programme Assistant at New Contemporaries


In a world where the very nature of authenticity has been commodified Gur Piepskovitz and his superb team of performers prove that there are still valid reasons to go to the theatre.

John London is a Professor of Hispanic Studies, Director of the Centre for Catalan Studies at Queen Mary University.


This layered and challenging piece raised many questions that engaged the audience to think and seek answers for themselves. 

Craig Leo is an associate puppetry director at War Horse


A well-orchestrated black comedy that uses meta-theatre as a mean to highlight the striking contemporaneity of the piece.

Tommaso Giacopini is a Theatre maker.  









Pictures were taken by Richard Kaby, top image designed by Gil Reshef after a photo by Orlando Myxx and image by Maya Goldstein.