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How to Redeem Yourself with 7 Deadly Sins?


With Lara Buffard, 2017.

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How to redeem yourself with only 7 deadly sins? It’s time To embrace your sin!

A psycho-spiritual confessional session where the audience gets to associate themselves with fellow sinners and expose our most prominent deadly sin (one of the 7 starring in the New Testament).                                                                                                                          A ritual where one takes a selfie of their evil-self. Should one be de-possessed or indulge in the swamp of eternal flame/fame?

It’s a new-age therapy inspired by the dark-ages.

The audience will be asked to answer this “piercing” quiz which reveals their deadly sin.

To look at the quiz go to:What is Your Deadly Sin?

The audience members are divided into groups by their sins and go through a series of different rituals and tasks to tackle their inner-demon and give it a welcoming hug. This project explores the coerced division between good and evil, and theatre and performance accordingly. Those who are in, are invited to participate in a demonic workshop conducted by Jew-Venile and Vita- Dolorosa (Gur Arie Piepskovitz and Lara Buffard) who will be oscillating abruptly between clinical and ironic manner, improvisation and written text.

Our ritual is inspired by the crafts of the liturgical rhetorician Peter Binsfeld (1540-1598) that associated each deadly sin to a different demon; Pride – Lucifer. Envy – Beelzebub. Wrath – Satan. Sloth – Abaddon. Greed – Mammon. Gluttony – Belphegor. Lust- Ashmodeus.

This will be done through alternating between the intellectual (discussion and sharing of our “sinful” experiences) and our intuition (accessed through movement, sound and other-worldly games), investigating the foundations and symbols of old rituals.

Each session would start by taking polaroid-pictures of all of us and will end with burning these images, leaving our old-selves behind.

Western culture and monotheistic religion have this ingrained belief that there’s a division between Good-selves and Evil-selves but we challenge this by creating a community which is not afraid to shed light on this dark division. As a result, the work requires some risk-taking (emotional, physical) and it is not for the faint hearted.

We hope to make a piece that is participatory, thought-provoking, exhilarating and healing.

After runs at the The Ilka Theurich Studio in Hanover, Germany and at The Bomb Factory in London we are keen on exploring together with YOU the holy trinity of performance, workshop and a ritual.

Link to Lara Buffard’s website

How to Redeem Yourself with 7 Deadly Sins

How to Redeem Yourself with 7 Deadly Sins

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Gur Arie Piepskovitz by Ilka Theurich
Gur Arie Piepskovitz and Lara Buffard taken by Ilka Theurich
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Pictures taken by: Ilka Theurich & Liz Gorman. Flyer designed by Adam Kalderon

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