With a cereal box, 2014. 

When sex politics and breakfast intertwine. This is what happened with Scott: he is my artistic collaborator, my political counterpart, he is articulate, eloquent and with a body to die for. He is my unrequited love, my Scottish fantasy, my morning glory and my favourite porridge. What? Yes! Scott is a cereal-box, however, this will not stop me from cultivating an entangled artistic and romantic relationship with him.   

Will my fantasy about a beautifully earthy Scottish figure can maintain itself?

Or is any glamorous fantasy doomed to end with disappointment?

Stick around for this five-minute-soap-opera to find out. 

Scott is the first piece I have created in London. I shall keep on unwrapping my private 'cereal box' in the hope of finding the desired prize.

Performed at Royal Vauxhall Tavern, The Others Gallery and Other Means, London.

Photo credit: Loredana Denicola

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