Snickers-  An American Tragic Legend About One Dark Horse and his Australian Venture



'Snickers' was commissioned for Dirty Debüt. It premiered on the 30th of November 2018 at Sophiensaele, Berlin. 

With Lara Buffard. 

20 minutes. 1st draft. 


In the current epidemic of crime shows one finds out that justice is slipping away.

Who is to blame? 


White men?



One horse may have the answer. Hear the story of Snickers, the horse of the Mars family. They named a chocolate- product  after him  and now, objectified and forgotten Snickers’ spirit will come to set the record straight with his family and unravel a conspiracy plot which will shock you to the core. 

In a ritual on stage, Lara and Gur will invoke the spirit of Snickers and by the end, they will find that this conspiracy is closer to home than they had expected!


The piece is dedicated to Gur’s dad. A white man with an uncanny love for Snickers. 


Review by Max Wallenhorst:

Within a surprisingly theatrical form that is precise and a lot of fun, Buffard and Piepskovitz present an allegory that is messy in the best sense. the narrative raises different questions: How do the fantasies of product development exploit the names of creatures it, one way or the other, owns? What would a counter-fantasy of revenge actually look like? 

It’s a tour de force, tying different anecdotes from the history of Snickers, the chocolate bar, to Snickers, the horse, to which Snickers, the chocolate bar, is in fact a tribute.


Link to Dirty Debüt website here 




Video-Diethild Meier. Photo credit- Dorothea Tuch. Main photo by Richard Kaby and designed by Gil Reshef,