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Gur Arie Piepskovitz taken by Tom Hensher



With Lara Buffard and Natalie Wong, 2017.


All hail the new queen in town: Pipi-PhuckMeDontitme, Runner-up for Miss Asia 2016.

Equipped in her sash, crown, Mai-Tai and Long Parliament light, Pipi enters our kingdom to insert some glitz and glamour made in Asia and dispatched with love to the English islands. Jew-venile and Vita Dolorosa have already integrated themselves in English culture, now it’s time to help others.

And tonight is about Pipi.

Through a series of tasks and real-time exercises with audience members, Pipi will acquire a made-in-England survival kit, with new tools that will help her succeed in this new territory. This culminates with her attaining the ultimate certification of a real queen, instead of the fried banana between her legs, Pipi will be bestowed with a tasty delightful pudding filled with custard. 


This piece is transgressive in its theme and mannerism; it aspires to merge between artistic conventions of performance art and cabaret and break social taboos playfully.

Performed at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club for Cuntemporary's Deep Trash- Royal Trash and at Toynbee Studios as part of Steakhouse Live, London.

Natalie Wong at Deep Trash taken by Tom Hensher
Lara Buffard taken by Tom Hensher
Natalie Wong at Steakhouse Live taken by Greg Goodale

Pictures taken by: Tom Hensher & Greg Goodale

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