Gur Arie Piepskovitz taken by Tom Hensher



With Lara Buffard and Natalie Wong, 2017.


All hail the new queen in town: Pipi-PhuckMeDontitme, Runner-up for Miss Asia 2016.

Equipped in her sash, crown, Mai-Tai and Long Parliament light, Pipi enters our kingdom to insert some glitz and glamour made in Asia and dispatched with love to the English islands. Jew-venile and Vita Dolorosa have already integrated themselves in English culture, now it’s time to help others.

And tonight is about Pipi.

Through a series of tasks and real-time exercises with audience members, Pipi will acquire a made-in-England survival kit, with new tools that will help her succeed in this new territory. This culminates with her attaining the ultimate certification of a real queen, instead of the fried banana between her legs, Pipi will be bestowed with a tasty delightful pudding filled with custard. 


This piece is transgressive in its theme and mannerism; it aspires to merge between artistic conventions of performance art and cabaret and break social taboos playfully.

Performed at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club for Cuntemporary's Deep Trash- Royal Trash and at Toynbee Studios as part of Steakhouse Live, London.

Natalie Wong at Deep Trash taken by Tom Hensher

Pictures taken by: Tom Hensher & Greg Goodale